Young Frankenstein
And Her Treatment Plan

Dr. El-Samad successfully addressed my plantar fasciitis and tarsal tunnel syndrome. After the stitches were removed, he gave me his post-op instructions. I had to see a physical therapist three times a week for several weeks. Due to the type of operation, there is a lot of swelling and pain as the foot slowly returns to normal.

I went to a physical therapist for treatment. Her first suggestion was to get a pair of compression socks, which restricts the blood flow to my foot. I’ve been wearing a compression sock on my left foot for several weeks. Interestingly, my compression sock reminded me of The Graduate, released in December 1967. I became Mrs. Robinson, and Ginger was Benjamin.

Therefore, I had inadvertently paraphrased St. Francis. This essay parallels my paraphrasing of St. Francis. The title for this is essay is A Sickness Too Took Root. Therefore, before writing this article, I googled my title…and got nowhere. Thus, Google is hiding the author from me, or I have actually invented a new saying, soon becoming a famous one. Either way, you will benefit from this essay.

Then my physical therapist suggested adding transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) to my treatment plan. She hooked me up and slowly increased the level of electrical stimulation to the ankle area of my foot. I felt nothing. Finally, she reached level twenty-five, which was some medical magic number. I could feel a tingling sensation, but it wasn’t painful.

My physical therapist administered TENS every time I returned for treatment. It really does help a great deal. So, I asked whether she would increase it to thirty. She didn’t want me to suffer at thirty but agreed to twenty-nine. TENS treatment is half an hour-long therapy. There is not much to do during the session. Several times I dozed off. When I am awake, my mind wanders all over the place.

However, it wasn’t too long before my mind landed on a movie that I saw in 1974 called Young Frankenstein. I believe it was a true story about a medical doctor, Dr. Frederick Frankenstein.

“It’s alive!”

The young Frankenstein happened to be the grandson of the first Frankenstein who had died. The young Frankenstein inherited his Transylvanian estate and traveled to his grandfather’s castle. While there, he attempted to create a better monster than his grandfather.

As I was lying on my back, I thought about the movie as my physical therapist administered the transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation therapy.

During her treatment plan, my physical therapist became the young Frankenstein, and I became a nice friendly monster.