Dog Whisperer

During winter break, I returned to Myanmar and spent much of that month with my family in Myanmar after spending time with my web administrator’s family in Lahore, Pakistan. I have written about both families already and will for many more essays. That journey was the single most important adventure of my entire life. That is not meant as a hyperbolic comment.

While that is true, there was a downside to the trip for me emotionally. I had to leave Ginger here while I went to Pakistan and Myanmar. I couldn’t justify leaving her in a kennel for that month. In addition, Ginger had some medical issues that surely would have been exacerbated had she been in a kennel for all that time.

Enter Kayla. She lived in my home and took care of Ginger while I was gone. Kayla, along with varying family members and her boyfriend, made sure that my absence from Ginger was offset by their care. The only downside of Kayla caring for my canine was that Ginger loves her so much that she wags her tail so hard that it caused the tip of her tail to bleed. While her tail has healed, Kayla and Nathan came over for dinner. I was able to do this interview, and Ginger could see Kayla again.

In addition, I also made them dessert, which is called Bananas Bo Bo Gyi. They said it was good, but it tasted a lot like Bananas Flambé.