Than Tun Oo
Artist and Friend

Than is a great artist in Myanmar. When I need artwork done, Than is the one that I’ll ask. Aside from his artistic abilities, we are both right brained, which means we are artistic and creative. I can’t paint, but I can write and also understand the arts, especially painting and sculpture. I was a teaching assistant while in college and taught art history at the college level over the past couple of decades. Than can create artwork in all the various media like oils, watercolors, pen and ink, etc. He is also an expert when it comes to landscapes, portraits, and still lifes. My home is graced by two paintings of the U Bein Bridge, Ginger, and a pen and ink of myself. He also painted a portrait of Dr. Sabedra, Ginger’s veterinarian, along with three portraits of my grandchildren in Myanmar.

If you are looking for an artistic treasure, contact Than.

Than Tun Oo
No. 582 San Yeir Nyein Street
16 Quarter, Dagon North,
Yangon, Myanmar