Snow, the Virtuoso
Träumerei and The Great Gate of Kiev

I have mentioned many times about my hauntings. These hauntings force me to attempt to explain various issues. The one singular haunting that continues to float in the back of my head is the most important of all these hauntings. It has to do with my family in Taunggyi, Myanmar. Click on We Are Family or Burma, and you will read about my transformation into who I am today and what drives me.

About four and a half years ago, I traveled to Myanmar to interview Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, often called the Lady. And what did I discover? A young lady, Ti Ti. Ti Ti’s mother was my tour guide and had to pick up some papers about where I would be going next after I left the area of Inle Lake. It was to be a five-minute errand and then back to seeing Inle Lake. What was to be five minutes turned into over an hour. Ti Ti was home on winter break. She was nine years old at the time and wanted to play Scrabble with me. That began a radical metamorphosis within me.

During my winter break from teaching seven months ago, I returned to Myanmar to try again to interview the Lady, but, far more importantly, I wanted to see Ti Ti and her sisters, Snow and Fatty. Those three are my granddaughters. Moh Moh was my tour guide for one day during my recent trip, and Ko Ko was my guide for the rest of the time. I dearly love my family. However, what haunts me is why?

Having danced with death twice a decade ago, it woke me up to the reality that my clock was ticking. If you haven’t done the dance, you think you know that your clock is ticking. Well, before my dances, I thought that I also knew. Man, two dances made me realize what tick, tock sounds like. I’m living in a new world, and I am here to appreciate the time I have.

I also realize my interest in young children. They will be running the world all too soon. I am driven to encourage, teach, support, and prod them whether they live in the States, Myanmar, or any place. I grasp that I won’t be there when they become adults, but I will do what I can to help educate them now. That is my legacy. Others helped me when I toddled into this world, I am doing the same as has been done for me.

Therefore, that explains a large part of my emotional feelings for my family in Myanmar. It explains why I came up with the organization, We Are Family. I want to raise a half million dollars for getting 1250 laptops for the two schools where my granddaughters attend and to improve the Internet service to the schools. I should have all the paperwork completed soon to begin the fund-raising drive.

However, I exchange emails with Moh Moh, Ko Ko, and Ti Ti. I also send birthday gifts to my family. Last month, it was Snow’s birthday. I sent her a cute top and a necklace. Knowing that it takes about a month to reach Taunggyi and my family, I sent it four or five weeks in advance. All those that have had birthday gifts from me have gotten them…except for Snow. I also videotaped a birthday greeting to them. At least, Snow has watched the one for her. A couple days ago, I received this email from Moh Moh.

Dear Allen,

Snow want to entertain you with her piano playing for Pa Pa Al.So, I sent it. Please enjoy it. She is thanks her pa pa Al because of your birthday wish in the mail and video as well.

She is saying, she also want to make picture with your gift which is not received yet.

Snow and Fatty are can now speak English better and better,.They have purpose to communicate with their Pa Pa Al like Ti Ti.

Finally, I am happy to mail you.Thanks for your wonderful kindness for us. We also sent our love to you.

Take Care

Moh Moh

Moh Moh sent this video of Snow playing the piano.

Moh Moh,

Tell Snow that her top and necklace will arrive soon…. I hope. I would love to have a picture of her when it finally arrives.

Snow’s piano playing was excellent. I didn’t realize that she played the piano. I sit in front of my computer all day either teaching online or writing and listening to classical music in the background. My favorite piece of music is by Robert Schumann. It is entitled Träumerei, which is German for little dream or dreaming…. This is a video of it.

The next link is the sheet music of Träumerei. Tell Snow that when I return in a couple of years that I want her to perform it for me. That should focus her!

Finally, Moh Moh, I dearly love you and your family. I have told you many times that I am the luckiest person to have met you and Ko Ko over four years ago. However, that little 9-year-old standing in your living room who wanted to play games changed me. Then spending time with Snow and Fatty recently merely added to my feelings.

All is well with Ginger and me. However, Trump is the village idiot.

Take care,


In my email, I sent Moh Moh a link to Vladimir Horowitz playing Robert Schumann’s Träumerei.

Horowitz was born in Kiev, Ukraine, which is the country that Russia invaded in 2014. Donald the Dumb, our fake president, wouldn’t discuss that issue with Putin in his recent summit in Helsinki. Additionally, I mentioned to Moh Moh that I want Snow to master Träumerei by the time that I return to visit my family. Snow is very focused on any thing that she does. Therefore, my challenge will drive her to accomplish that goal.

However, I love Snow. Therefore, I enclosed sheet music that she can use to read the music while it is being played.

To be honest with you, I know Snow. She will seize upon this and conquer my challenge. Knowing that, there is an addendum to mastering Träumerei. Another classical favorite of mine is The Great Gate of Kiev, which is from Modest Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition.

I have written about this musical composition before. This is a link to sheet music for The Great Gate of Kiev.

This is the Great Gate of Kiev that was never built.

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