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Flag of National League for Democracy

The following articles and interviews are all about Burma and Aung San Suu Kyi. It is interesting as an American that Burma got its independence from the British by the leadership of Aung San who told them to leave his country. In many ways, Aung San parallels George Washington...except that the British left in 1948. The Burmese celebrate their Independence Day on January 4, 1948. Because of Aung San's ability to reason with the British, they left without a revolution like ours against the British in 1776.

Tragically, a political rival assassinated Aung San resulting finally in a military government in Burma now called Myanmar. In spite of that senseless killing, Aung San's daughter, Aung San Suu Kyi has continued to follow her father's leadership example. She has lead her people toward more freedom, rights, and dignity.

Bo Bo Gyi Bo Bo Gyi And His Advice to His Granddaughter
Snow and Fatty Snow and Fatty Are Following in Ti Ti’s Footsteps
What’s It All About... What’s It All About... The Paradox of Life
Legends Often Morph into Facts Unexpected Events Can Create Opportunities for Greatness
Legends Often Morph into Facts PaPa Al’s Reply To Ti Ti’s Posting, I Love Education
Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night A Lesson Taught by Dylan Thomas
Breath of Fresh Air Breath of Fresh Air From My Web Administrator
Me and My Echocardiogram Me and My Echocardiogram Beyond a Diagnosis
Ti Ti, the Artist Ti Ti, the Artist The Georgia O’Keeffe of Myanmar
My Second Shot My Second Shot Or the First Insurrection
My World of Xanadu My World of Xanadu Another Personal Parallel Essay
Tyson’s Two Thoughts Ti Ti’s Surprising Email To Her Grandfather
Tyson’s Two Thoughts Tyson’s Two Thoughts Regarding AI and a Ticking Clock
The Importance of Happenstance The Importance of Happenstance For Heavenly Clauses
Jumping Hoops for a Prescription Jumping Hoops for a Prescription Raises Ethical Issues at Various Levels
Holding Hands with Neal Katyal Holding Hands with Neal Katyal What My Teacher Taught Me
Haunting Photos Haunting Photos Then and Now
Oppie and Me Oppie and Me The Similarities are Striking
NASA Discovered Six Massive Galaxies NASA Discovered Six Massive Galaxies So What?
Music Explains Me Music Explains Me Music Drives Me
Happy Birthday Moh Moh Happy Birthday Moh Moh And Many More
Jabbering Parrots Jabbering Parrots What We Can Learn from Churchill and Buffett
Learning from Two Astrophysicists Learning from Two Astrophysicists About this World
Fatty and Bo Bo Gyi Fatty and Bo Bo Gyi Addressing Our Nation’s Problems
What’s It All About Alfie? What’s It All About Alfie? From an Eighty-Year Old Alfie
My Quest for Eldorado My Quest for Eldorado In Three Parts
Than Than Myanmar’s van Gogh
Grasping Reality Grasping Reality I Can’t Explain It
What Drove My Father and Drives Me? What Drove My Father and Drives Me? Pain
I Wish that I Had Asked My Father I Wish that I Had Asked My Father About WWII
Repeating the Past Repeating the Past It’s Just Fake News
I Could Hear the Silence I Could Hear the Silence While I Raged
Problems are Assets Problems are Assets Seize the Problems
Growing Up Without Transparency Growing Up Without Transparency And Finally Discovering It
Facing Storms of Life Facing Storms of Life Another Either/Or Situation
Seeing Things More Clearly On My Yellow Brick Road
A King Cobra Pitted Against a Python A Teaching Moment
Hoosier’s Neighbor? The Ultimate Question
An Important Teaching Moment Joe and I Are Twins
“The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men… Often Go Awry.”
Happy Birthday Snow You Are 13
Another Mantra of Mine Be a Storyteller
Bridge On/Over the River Kwai Then and Now
Lionel, Amazon’s Guardian Angel Fended Off UPS
“The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men….” Reset and Carry On
The Battle of the Alamo… Past, Present, and Future
I Love Teaching… Here in Myanmar or Anywhere
Ti Ti, the Driven An Exceptional Young Lady
My Commencement Address... To the World
Grasping Reality While My Clock Is Ticking
Diversity Visas What’s That All About, Alfie?
Acclimating to the New World In Mt. Lebanon, Taunggyi, and Crown Point
I’m An American Oligarch…. Of Sorts
Building Castles in the Sky Pushing the Limits of Possibility
Ti Ti’s Yogi-ism “It’s Like Déjà Vu All Over Again.”
I Have Miles to Go Before I Sleep
Seeing the Future At Least Three Times
My Family in Myanmar: A Sequel to What’s It All About
Ginger and I What’s It All About and Why?
Children and War Ukraine and Myanmar
Ti Ti, the Teacher Of Her Classmates and Me
Two Views of the Ides of March One for Caesar and One for My Family
What We Can Learn from Yapping Dogs And Yapping Leaders
The Helter-Skelter Mindset1 Locally and Globally
My Great-Granddaughter A Younger Version of My Granddaughters
If Everything Around You Seems Dark… Look Again. You May Be the Light.
History Is Repetitious Then and Now
My Personality Quirks… I Have Several
The Tale of My Foot Years Ago and Today
More Parallels Between Myanmar and America Aung San and Bobby Kennedy
Parallels Between Myanmar and America Even Though They Are On the Other Side of the World
My Dream of Diversity In the Footsteps of Bobby
When I Become a Billionaire… A Jaguar SUV Will Be in My Garage
Two Countries Living in One World
My Dreamland During My Operation
A Reason for Being… The Most Important Reason for My Being
Buffalo Soldiers Then and Now
Christmas: Past, Present, and Future
Moh Moh’s Roles in Our Family: My Daughter and My Mother
I Love My Family With Some Caveats
“The Moving Finger Writes” Another Teaching Moment
I Never Miss a Teaching Moment But Who Benefits
My Extended Family You Can See Her Painting.
I’m the Reincarnation of Bo Bo Gyi According to Fatty
Ginger and the Mask and Shot Mandates A Canine Teaching Moment
From a Ripple to a Raging Current Based Upon Reciprocity
A New Ripple And a Purposeful Life
Paying Homage… To Me
The Duality of Changing Times Change, and We Change
Having a Purposeful Life Another Sequel About Dreaming
Societal Dreaming Delayed but Not Dashed
Miss Independent Bo Bo Gyi’s Granddaughter
A Dream Delayed Or a Dream Dashed
We Need to Learn from History… Not Rewrite It.
My Takeaway From the Great Chicago Fire
What Ginger’s Dances Taught Me Despite My Dances
Ti Ti and Education Why Is Education Critical?
What’s All This About Women? The Times They Are A-Changin’ Ever So Slowly
I Successfully Survived an Electromyography At Least for the Time Being
Once Upon a Midnight Dreary…. “Ride, Boldly Ride”
Parallels with Ti Ti A Part of Which Are Genetic
A Ngal Lay Sent Me Pictures and a Video About Our Time Together
My Great-Granddaughter… A Ngal Lay
When I Become President of the World… Things Are Going to Change
“I’m Doing the Dance” The Title of Ti Ti’s Poem
Snow’s Poem About Her New Normal
Realizing the New Normal What’s All About, Alfie?
What Can We Learn from Art? The Answer Is….
Gandhi’s Tribute to Moh Moh For Her Indomitable Will
It Is Time To Write Poetry Another Teaching Event
What To Do When Your World Is Out of Control What I Learned from My Family
A Follow-Up to Snow’s Email Another Teaching Moment
We Are Cave Men But What Is Our Purpose in Life?
How To Achieve Being Venerated, Wise, and Great In Two Steps
A Ngal Lay My Great-Granddaughter
Poets Both Past and Present Amanda Gorman and Sarah Kay
Resurrection I’m Alive Along with My Computer, and Ginger
Scarface PaPa Al Isn’t My Nickname
One More Comment For Ti Ti As She Journeys Down Her Yellow Brick Road
The Little One, A Part of My Family
Than, a Great Artist The Art of Playing the Hand Dealt You
Set Set Yo And a Little Child
Learn and Become a Storyteller All You Need To Do Is To Travel
The History of Myanmar… Is Being Written Now
Three Take-Aways From Denzel Washington’s Commencement Address
The Haunting Question Which Sir Launfal Are You?
A Funny Thing Happened While on Zoom My Fourth La Danse Macabre
Learning from Collecting Written by a Collector of Treasures
My Quest to Find Meaning Life My Search for My Holy Grail
As Kierkegaard Said It Is Either/Or
I Live in Two WorldsI Have Benefited from One World
What’s It All About Aldie My Haunting Question
A Tale of Two Countries And a Present-Day Theme and Variation of Life
What Makes Me Tick and Teach? No Pain, No Gain
Learning Is Three-Dimensional… But It Is Discovered On the Road
Finding ImmortalityGilgamesh and Ti Ti
Seeing Ourselves as Others See UsIn This Case, Ti Ti Seeing Herself
A Teaching MomentWith Ti Ti
Today is Thanksgiving Day… Near Inle Lake
Blue House Remodeled…With Drive and Determination
Bobby Burns’ Message…For Ti Ti
Problems Are Catalysts for ChangeBut It Is Up to You
It Was Four Years AgoAnd What a Difference Four Years Makes
The Giving and GettingBoth Parties Benefit
Ti Ti Teaches a Myanmar MythTo Her Sister
Hear Ye, Hear Ye…Ti Ti Is Starting College Today!
Amazing Grace Or More of the Same Insanity
My Two Worlds…Affect My Life
This is Success in the MakingYou Heard It First from PaPa Al
This Is an AddendumTi Ti, the Bridge Builder
From Then to NowWhat a Difference Seven Years Has Made
Masks Matter…To Some
Two PoemsBy Two Ladies
A Present Day Parable for AmericaIt Is All About Sharing
I Live in Two Worlds:One in the States and One in Myanmar
Coming Home to RoostKierkegaard, Mt. Lebanon, Dancing, and My Family
There Is More to Dreaming…Than Just Dreaming
Focusing My Stream of ConsciousnessBy Watching a Movie
A Teaching MomentWhile Walking Ginger
Ti TiMy Granddaughter and Poet Laurate
"Give Me a Place to Stand...And I Will Move the World.”
The Brighter Side of My LifeDue to a Serendipitous Moment
A Tribute to FattyThe Girl with Those Eyes
A Tribute to SnowMy Granddaughter in Myanmar
A Tribute to Ti Ti The Young Lady
I Dream Things That Never Were…And Say Way Not”
“We See No White-Winged Angels Now…”But We See Little Children
The Long-Neck WomenA Tradition in Myanmar
Ti Ti’s Spin on My WeltanschauungAnd Mine on Hers
Living in the New NormalOur New World Order
The Use of DrugsDonnie, Aldie, and Dr. Goodspeed
It Is All About FamilyAnd Who Makes Up Our Family
Our Reason for BeingDiscover It
The Elephant RideOver the Alps of Myanmar
Ballooning Over BaganWith My Family
Ti Ti…The Amazing Young Lady
Taung Kwe PagodaAn Out of the World Location
Why I Love Inle LakeTwo Reasons
The Cave vs Reality...That is the Question.
I Don’t Like FailingModus Operandi
We Face Two PandemicsBoth Need Immediate Attention
Think Before You ActThen Dare Greatly
Circle of LifeDance On
“Let’s Get Going.”An Important Lesson of Life
(FLASH: The lost video sound is back)
How Playing Scrabble Changed My LifeWho Would Have Thought?
Mr. ChipsAn Updated Version
Moh Moh’s Interview of Me
Than’s Interview of Me
Snowaka Eppie
Than Tun OoArtist and Friend
The Teak BridgePart 2 of a 4 Parts Series
Reflections on My LifeIn My Twilight Years
A Present-Day ParableWhich Can Be Understood
My Home Looks Like the Uffizi GalleryPart 1 of 4 Parts
My Swan SongAnd My Family’s Swan Song
I Found Another Incarnation of Bo Bo GyiWhile on Inle Lake
I Found Another Incarnation of Bo Bo GyiWhile on Inle Lake
Autotelic Vincent, Me, and Modafinil
I Get That Ibn Battuta Loved Travel… But Why?
My Yearning for Faraway Places… That I’ve Never Been or Will See Again
A Teaching Moment “Catch the Trade Winds in Your Sails”
Either/Or…Part 2 I Can Live with a Dent
Thoughts About Willie Nelson’s Song…. On the Road Again
My Next Adventure: The Die is Cast
Balloons Over Bagan Also, a Time to Learn About the Past
My Family Escaped From the Jurassic Park in Myanmar
More Music More Defining
Another Déjà Vu In the Arts and Philosophy
The Discovery in Tibet Possibly a Relative of Mine
Wanderlust Travel with No Regret
The Moving Finger Writes And the Writings Haunt Me
Ti Ti and Oscar Wilde’s Advice No Excuses and No Regrets
Hanging My Problem on My Lantern Jacob Soboroff
Hanging My Problem on My Lantern Contacting Clarence Page
Hanging My Problem on My Lantern Contacting Rod Stewart
Scared! Seen as a Teaching Moment
It Is A Bridge Too Far Only If You Are a Coward
Coffin Bridge… Build What You Need
Vocation of An Old Man… Being a Bridge Builder
My Granddaughter… Knows How to Play Her Cards
I Will Rage, Rage… On Behalf of 1250 Students and One Celestial Comet
Three Songs Morphed Together Creating Meaning in Life
Ti Ti… A Remarkable Young Lady
Dealing with the Reaper By Coming Alive and Living
Dreaming…. About My Moment in Time
One Moment in Time Carpe Diem
Warren Buffett Don’t Sleep Walk Through Life
What’s Donald the Dumb Doing During the Shutdown? Watching Westerns on TV
Pa Pa Al’s Grandfatherly Advice To Ti Ti Who Doesn’t Need It.
Thanksgiving Celebration… In Nyaung Shwe
A New Year’s Eve With a New Resolution for the Coming Year
Christmas Gifts for Owen From People Around the World
Christmas Gifts for Jack From People Around the World
It’s All About Family I Agree with John Lewis
Mini-Me and Dr. Evil… Then and Now
Reflections on The Magnificent Seven…
The Magnificent Seven… My Dream Team
Would You Like Some Vintage Wine? I Would!
From Mud To Macadam
I Celebrate Two Thanksgiving Days… And This Is Why
"Look at Me I Am Old but I’m Happy"
Building a Log Cabin You Are Really Smart; I’ll Tell My Brother
Dreaming The Drug for Realizing Your Hopes
Serendipitous Moments in My Life And They Are Haunting Me
Bette Davis Eyes… But They Are in Myanmar
A Journey of a Thousand Miles… Started in a Living Rooms
Rhythm of My Heart Here and Abroad
Being a Young Turk… During the 20th Century
A Noble Person… Meets Another Noble Person
Hand of a Little Child… Ti Ti
Stumbling into the Truth… Related to Forever Young
Admiral McRaven and St. Francis Two Similar Minds
Be a Dreamer.... And Never Quit Dreaming.
Snow, the Virtuoso Träumerei and The Great Gate of Kiev
It Is In Giving That We Get Being Like Bobby
Parallels Between the Spider Woman and Me Money
Why Papa? Answering the Why Questions
The Ripple Effect… “…Can Sweep Down the Mightiest Walls.”
Eppie… Then and Now
Ti Ti’s Birthday Present On Her 14th Birthday
It’s All Begins with Making My Bed— Which Ginger Unmakes
If I fail, If I Fail… I Will While Daring Greatly
Johny Appleseed Snow and Fatty Are Johnny Appleseed in Myanmar
Ti Ti, Snow, and Fatty Having Fun Without PaPa Al
Pa Lian Pa Lian Burmese Restaurant A Place Where I Learned a History Lesson
Ti Ti And Family Ti Ti and Her Family My Assistants in Myanmar
Ginger Recovered Ginger Recovered And I Returned To My Hauntings
Pursuit To Algiers We Watched Pursuit to Algiers While Ginger Drank Her Grog
Moh Moh Bobby And Me Moh Moh, Bobby, and Me…. All Dreamers
hope hicks and me Hope Hicks and I… What Do We Have in Common?
learning what you thought Learning When You Thought You Knew… All There Was to Know
dear papa al Dear PaPa Al..... Dear Ti Ti
titi-selfie thumbnail Ti Ti and Her Selfie That’s My Granddaughter…
bobbys-suggestion thumbnail Bobby’s Suggestion About My Problems… A School in Taunggyi, Myanmar
holmes-washington thumbnail Sherlock Holmes In Washington While We Drank Ginger Grog
teaching-goal thumbnail My Teaching Goal Teach in Taunggyi, Southern Shan State, Myanmar
picture-myanmar thumbnail Pictures from My Myanmar Family Pictures…Part II
myanmar-pictures thumbnail Myanmar Pictures Gifts from My Guides—Part I
follow-up thumbnail My Follow-Up… To My Email To Ti Ti
marner-me thumbnail Marner and Eppie Me and the Girls
gifts-given thumbnail Gifts Given But Never Received
lecture-harvard thumbnail I Want to Have My Last Lecture at Harvard On March 9, 2043
world-granddaughter thumbnail Hello World, This Is My Granddaughter… The Magician from Myanmar
problems-burma thumbnail Problems with Burma Their Hotels
question thumbnail The Question Is… How Will You Be Remembered?
did-accomplish thumbnail What I Did Accomplish During My Stay in Burma
emerging-nation thumbnail An Emerging Nation On Its Way to a Developed Nation
age-revolution  thumbnail An Age of Revolution If We But Know What To Do With It
having-purpose  thumbnail Having a Purpose Carpe Diem
widow-mite  thumbnail The Widow’s Mite And the Rich Donald the Dumb
asking-questions thumbnail The Art of Asking Questions… About Which You Know the Answers
shopping-spree thumbnail A Shopping Spree With My Three Granddaughters
moh-tin-me thumbnail Moh Moh, Tin Tin, and Me We Are the Incarnations of Bobby
i-failed thumbnail I Failed For the Time Being
lesson-dreaming thumbnail Lesson Learned About Dreaming I Learned from Bobby
family thumbnail We Are Family Versus Racism
best-week thumbnail The Best Week of My Life… Occurred While I Was in Burma
another-breakfast thumbnail Another Breakfast with My Shrink Dealing with Dreaming
America thumbnail America As Bobby, Moh Moh, and the Jazz Singer See It
Dreaming Dreams  thumbnail Dreaming Dreams that Never Were... Asking Why Not.
Picking Mentors thumbnail On Picking Mentors Pick Carefully
Why Ginger thumbnail Why Ginger? The Hauntings of My Pooh Dog
Kepler Looking thumbnail What is Kepler Looking For? Intelligent Life in the Universe
Tattoo of Pooh thumbnail The Tattoo of My Pooh and Me Ginger and Don Quixote
The Reason thumbnail The Reason Behind... Everything
Bo Bo Gyi thumbnail I'm Bo Bo Gyi The Last Incarnation
Lawrence of Arabia  thumbnail Lawrence of Arabia One of My Mentors
Ti Ti thumbnail Ti Ti A Reason for Being
I'm On the Road Again thumbnail I’m On the Road Again But Why?
When Dreaming  thumbnail When Dreams Aren’t Realized What Should You Do?
Get Educated  thumbnail Get Educated— Travel
Essay with No Words thumbnail Essay with No Words But Look At My Eyes
Better Angels thumbnail “Better Angels of Our Nature” In America, Mexico, and Burma
Ti Ti Poem thumbnail Ti Ti and I A Most Haunting Relationship
Burma Road thumbnail What Did I Learn... From Vinegar Joe
Donald Showing Off thumbnail Donald Showing-Off I’m, Like John Hancock
Benefit of Failed Dreams  thumbnail The Benefit of Failed Dreams The Dalai Lama’s Oxymoron
Grace Under Pressure thumbnail “Grace Under Pressure” The Way to be a Leader
Unquenchable Drive thumbnail Learning, the Unquenchable Drive Travel and Learn
Frobisher's Quests thumbnail Frobisher’s Quests The Northwest Passage and Gold
Ginger's Predecessors thumbnail Ginger’s Predecessors And My Domesticated Carnivore
I'm Not Going Silently  thumbnail Do Not Going Gently Into That Good Night I Will Rage
To Become thumbnail To Become… What You Might Have Been
Getting It Together thumbnail Getting It Together… An Avenue to Acquiring Dreams
The Meaning of Life thumbnail The Meaning of Life It Is All About Fighting the Good Fight for Others
Bowl of Cherries thumbnail Life Is a Bowl of Cherries Or the Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men
The Efforts of the Lady thumbnail The Efforts of the Lady vs. The Efforts of Donald the Dumb
Chick Magnet  thumbnail Chick Magnet And the Hauntings
Shrimp Can Whistle thumbnail Shrimp Can Whistle "I dream things that never were and say, why not."
Invictus thumbnail Invictus Thank You, Mrs. Davis
How Will I Live to My 100th Birthday?  thumbnail How Will I Live to My 100th Birthday? Answer: Ikigai
The Value of Travel:  thumbnail The Value of Travel: Education
We Don't Have a Democracy...  thumbnail We Don't Have a Democracy... Yet Either
Ginger, the Dances, and the Lady  thumbnail Ginger, the Dances, and the Lady It Is All About Determination
I'm Hanging My Lantern  thumbnail I'm Hanging My Lantern For All To See
The Great Value of the Philosophers' Stone...  thumbnail The Great Value of the Philosophers' Stone... To Me
Teach Your Children, Part 2 thumbnail Teach Your Children, Part 2 But When?
Mentor Tell You Something About You  thumbnail Mentor Tell You Something About You The Value of Post-it Notes
Moh Moh's Email  thumbnail Moh Moh's Email Big Dreams Never Run Smooth
A Quest...  thumbnail A Quest... To Find a Heart of Gold
Ivan the Thankful thumbnail Ivan the Thankful And It Wasn't for a Turkey and All the Trimmings
Roll Me Up thumbnail Roll Me Up I Am Free to be Me at 73
Tom Brokaw... thumbnail Tom Brokaw... Another Dancer
The Lady, Bobby, and Bagan  thumbnail The Lady, Bobby, and Bagan Triangulation Process
Jack and Owen, the Artists thumbnail Jack and Owen, the Artists Determined Artists
On the Road Again... thumbnail On the Road Again... Like a Gypsy
The Lady thumbnail The Lady And the Peacock
Dostoyevsky Danced with Death thumbnail Dostoyevsky Danced with Death As a Result, Became a Great Writer.
The Value of Grandchildren thumbnail The Value of Grandchildren Links to the Past and Future
Teach Your Children... thumbnail Teach Your Children... To Dream
Jacks and Owen Drawings thumbnail Jacks and Owen Drawings For Five Ladies
Resurrecting Dashed Dreams thumbnail Resurrecting Dashed Dreams By Continuing to Dream
A Bridge Too Far thumbnail A Bridge Too Far Isn't Always the Case
What a Difference a Few Years Makes thumbnail What a Difference a Few Years Makes If You Are Joisting with Windmills
Himmler and His Quest for the Holy Grail thumbnail Himmler and His Quest for the Holy Grail Remember the Past
Dealing with Impossible Dreams Realistically... thumbnail Dealing with Impossible Dreams Realistically... Or Getting All My Ducks Lined Up
GiGi's Psychoanalysis thumbnail GiGi's Psychoanalysis Me and My Hauntings
Moh Moh Spoke thumbnail Moh Moh Spoke And She Sounded Like Don Quixote
 thumbnail Return to Myanmar Dream Big
Listening to My Mentors thumbnail Listening to My Mentors And Dreaming Impossible Dreams
My Love Letters thumbnail My Love Letters They Must Be Written
We Shall Overcome thumbnail We Shall Overcome A Belief Amid Darkness
The Value of My Hauntings....  thumbnail The Value of My Hauntings.... It Forces the Issues
On Seeing the Light thumbnail On Seeing the Light Chuck, Paul, and Me
Paying Tribute to Steve, Anne, and Dave thumbnail Paying Tribute to Steve, Anne, and Dave For Their Assistance
The Scholarly Santa thumbnail The Scholarly Santa Which is Better Than a Santa with a Sax
Don Quixote thumbnail Don Quixote Then and Now
Doubling Down... thumbnail Doubling Down... To Make Dreams Come True
It's Confession Time... thumbnail It's Confession Time... And It Isn't Sunday
Think about the Legacy that You Leave thumbnail Think about the Legacy that You Leave Will Your Relatives Be Proud of You?
Looking Back and Remembering thumbnail Looking Back and Remembering Looking Forward and Hoping
Putin thumbnail Putin A Czar on a Fool's Errand
Signature Holidays thumbnail Signature Holidays
The Best-Laid Plans of Mice and Men... thumbnail "The Best-Laid Plans of Mice and Men... Often Go Awry"
Scottish Independence thumbnail Scottish Independence You Need No More Sunshine To Mature.
Articles as a Living Legacy... thumbnail Articles as a Living Legacy... Why I Write
It is in Giving that We Get... thumbnail It is in Giving that We Get... Especially in Restaurants in Valparaiso.
Come Alive... thumbnail Come Alive... Before You Die.
Orwell and Scottish Independence thumbnail Orwell and Scottish Independence Or Smell the Heather and Vote for Independence
Orwell Was Ahead of His Time... thumbnail Orwell Was Ahead of His Time... He Should Have Lived in 2014
Burma-Shave... thumbnail Burma-Shave... And Seeing the Light
Connecting the Dots... thumbnail Connecting the Dots... For Scottish Independence
Changing the World... thumbnail Changing the World... The Story of My Struggle
The White Man's Burden... thumbnail The White Man's Burden... Then and Now.
Leaving a Legacy... thumbnail Leaving a Legacy... A Concern of a 71-Year Old.
Orwell and Kipling and the Battle of Burma thumbnail Orwell and Kipling and the Battle of Burma Or Why I Care
Learning to Play Chess from a Master thumbnail Learning to Play Chess from a Master What Jack and Owen Will Learn from Me.
Hang a Lantern on Your Problems... thumbnail "Hang a Lantern on Your Problems..." So All Can See.
Good Trip / Bad Trip thumbnail Good Trip / Bad Trip ...the Great Benefits of Bad Trips
Exceptionalism thumbnail Exceptionalism Seen in the US, Scotland, and Myanmar
The Sins of the Father in America thumbnail The Sins of the Father in America... What We Must Remember
The Golden Rock thumbnail The Golden Rock Rocks and Stones Hold Countries Together
On Seeing the Light... thumbnail On Seeing the Light... More Clearly
I See More Clearly... thumbnail I See More Clearly... Thanks to Carl Sagan.
Open-Letter from a Scottish-American thumbnail Open-Letter from a Scottish-American An Opportunity To Learn From Myanmar
Big Churches, Big Poverty, Big Problems thumbnail Big Churches, Big Poverty, Big Problems ...and even bigger questions.
The Value of Travel thumbnail The Value of Travel... Or Learning About Myanmar.
The Two Ladies thumbnail The Two Ladies: Parallels between the Ukraine and Myanmar
What the Japanese Remembered During WWII... thumbnail What the Japanese Remembered During WWII... Some Japanese Did and Some Didn't Remember
The Blessing and the Curse of the Internet thumbnail The Blessing and the Curse of the Internet ...Everyone Will Have a Saved Memory
What I Learned on the Streets of Yangon...   thumbnail What I Learned on the Streets of Yangon... From Two Dogs.
The Value of Dreaming thumbnail The Value of Dreaming Instructions from My Cardiologist...
Myanmar Itinerary thumbnail Myanmar Itinerary
I Bet that He Never Read Any Shakespeare... thumbnail I Bet that He Never Read Any Shakespeare... But He Clearly Got the Message
The Birth of Burma thumbnail The Birth of Burma And Betting on that Nation's Future
What I Learned at the Golden Rock... thumbnail What I Learned at the Golden Rock... Believe in the Impossible
Never Too Old to Learn thumbnail Never Too Old to Learn My Techy Computer Confession...
Protest Movements in Myanmar and the US... thumbnail Protest Movements in Myanmar and the US... We Shall Overcome!
I Have Seen the Light... thumbnail I Have Seen the Light... Thanks to Myanmar and Dr. Marchand
An Interesting Thing Happened to Me thumbnail An Interesting Thing Happened to Me ...On the Road to Mandalay.
A Tribute to the Lady thumbnail A Tribute to the Lady Myanmar and the World Will Be Better Because of Her.
British Colonial Rule thumbnail British Colonial Rule In America, Scotland, Burma, and the World
Cromwell's Dissolution of the Long Parliament...   thumbnail Cromwell's Dissolution of the Long Parliament... Then and Now.
Getting to the End of the Line thumbnail Getting to the End of the Line On the Railway of Death
John Tom thumbnail John Tom Burmese Advocacy Center Staff
Min Shwe Oo thumbnail Min Shwe Oo Burmese Advocacy Center Staff
The Passing of Elmo to a New Generation... thumbnail The Passing of Elmo to a New Generation... Or the Passing of Cookie Monster to a Free Scotland
Pain is Pain... thumbnail Pain is Pain... That Makes Me Tick
An Open Letter to Kim Jong-Un thumbnail An Open Letter to Kim Jong-Un It's Not Just the Peasants that Lack
Manifest Destiny and American Exceptionalism thumbnail Manifest Destiny and American Exceptionalism How Really Special are We?
Is it a Time to Chill or a Time to Get Busy... thumbnail Is it a Time to Chill or a Time to Get Busy... That is the Question?
Levels of Learning... thumbnail Levels of Learning... Or How to Make Learning 3-D
No Pain, No Gain... thumbnail No Pain, No Gain... Learning to Jump to Success
On the Road to Mandalay thumbnail On the Road to Mandalay ...A Road Less Traveled
Dating of Independence Day thumbnail Dating of Independence Day 1776 and 2014
The Bridge Over/On the River Kwai thumbnail The Bridge Over/On the River Kwai Myths and Realities