Bananas Flambé for GiGi
An Extraordinary Woman

This past weekend, I visited GiGi. She is a very dear friend whom I have known for three decades. If you go to my article index page, you will find GiGi’s special section. Parts of my introduction have employed poetic license. For example, she wasn’t a Latin teacher in Buena Vista, GA.

Nonetheless, those sections reflect the essence of GiGi. I have never met a more learned woman of her age group. GiGi was born a century before America could begin to deal with well-educated, independent, and informed women.

I made a mistake because I thought her birthday was on November 11th. My Bananas Flambé was to be her birthday cake. I confused GiGi’s birthday with Ti Ti’s father’s birthday, which was November 11th. GiGi will be 96 on December 8th.

GiGi knew about Ti Ti trying to get a student visa and had seen me preparing Bananas Bo Bo Gyi for my family at the Nyaung Shwe Restaurant on New Year’s Eve. Since I am a master chef, I could make dessert without any of the exact proportions of the ingredients.

My granddaughters also sang Auld Lange Syne after the Bo Bo Gyi dessert.

I promised GiGi that Ti Ti will visit her when she gets her student visa.