Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse
It Is a Good Sign for Me

Since my early teens, I have enjoyed my birthday, which is on January 20th. One of the reasons has to do with being born on that date of the beginning of the zodiac sign of Aquarius, the water bearer.

Aquarius, the water bearer

If you are an Aquarian, we share a long list of positive attributes like being active in social/political movements, avant-garde, innovative, working on the cutting-edge issues, open-minded, humanitarian, and logical.

Another reason for my being happy is that I was born on the 20th, which is George Burns’ birthday also. The reason for my feeling good about sharing the same birthday with him is that he reached his 100-year milestone. In a couple days, I’ll be 76. I only have another 24-years to parallel George.

George Burns

Burns and I both claimed credit for the government using our birthdays as the day for inaugurating presidents. It was a pleasant feud though.

Nonetheless, late on the evening of January 20, 2019, there will be a Super Blood Wolf Moon Total Lunar Eclipse (SBWMTLE). It will start at 11:41p.m. ET and reach its peak at 12:16a.m. ET on January 21st. While I perceive SBWMTLE as a good sign to me personally, some people don’t. Here is a true believer, pun intended.

Now, the SBWMTLE is the coming together of three different events of the moon. Bear with me, I did take 10-hours of science while in college. It was a geology class in my freshman year. The first issue is the supermoon issue has to do with being within 90% of being closest to the Earth. Since it is closest to the Earth, it looks larger. On my birthday, it will be 222,274 miles from Crown Point, IN where I live. Depending where you live, it might look more or less super, relative to what I will see.

It is brighter and bigger.

The Blood Moon takes place when the Earth is in between the Sun and the Moon. Therefore, the shadow that the Earth casts on the Moon looks dark orange, which is often called bloody. Okay, maybe the person who came up with this term might have had a lot of orange juice mixed into his/her Bloody Mary.

This is what SBWMTLE will look like.

The Wolf Moon developed due to the wolf packs howling because they were hungry during the winter. The Old Farmer’s Almanac wrote, “Amid the cold and deep snows of midwinter, the wolf packs howled hungrily outside Indian villages. Thus, the name for January’s full Moon.”

Wolf Moon

A total lunar eclipse is when the direct light from the Sun is completely obstructed by the Earth. The dim light that the Moon does get is the result of the defused Sunlight, which bounce off of atmospheric particles.

Lunar eclipse

You are probably wondering why I feel that the Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse is good for me? I hope that by my birthday, I’ll receive from the IRS their approval of my request of a 501(c)(3) as a not-for-profit charity. Then I can raise $500,000 for the l250 laptops and improvement of Internet access to the two schools in Taunggyi where my three granddaughters attend.