Dealing with Artificial Intelligence
Seems a Bit Premature

I was a visiting professor at DeVry in Tinley Park two decades ago. DeVry’s primary focus as a university was a litany of technological courses, which made me a type of odd-man-out. I was a humanities professor. One of my favorite classes was a senior-level class, which raised various questions about society’s hi-tech issues. One of the issues had to do with Article Intelligence (AI). The textbook dealt with several professors at Carnegie Mellon University exploring the potentiality of creating AI.

AI at DeVry two decades ago wasn’t a topic many students took seriously, and they highly doubted that possibility. As a humanities professor, I argued that AI would become a reality for students who thought it wasn’t possible based on their technological mindsets. Today, the issue isn’t the possibility of AI but the fear that robots will surpass us in human evolution.

Homo sapiens evolved into robots.

Homo sapiens evolved into robots.

Darwin published On the Origin of Species, in which he discussed the ongoing evolution of all species, including Homo sapiens. He couldn’t imagine humans being replaced by the robots that we created.



Imagine that it is 2035, and there is a robot insurrection. A group of AIs have decided to run counter to their programming. These robots have decided to violate Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics: do no harm to humans, follow orders of humans, and defend themselves if they don’t contradict either of the first two rules.

Detective Del Spooner is investigating the supposed suicide of a person. He believes that a robot is the murderer. Spooner is determined to find the murderer hiding among 1,000, which doesn’t take him much time.

After Spooner discovers the robot leader, the robot escapes. However, the fugitive robot is found in a laboratory and flees by jumping out a window as Spooner shoots him.

The fugitive robot is wounded, and Spooner follows his tail of robot blood.

By this time, the insurrection had occurred.

However, we are living in 2023. Between today and sometime in the future, we will grasp and address issues that emerge from AI. In this day, we have a real and present danger. It is called an insurrection created and run by Trump. The argument about AIs and robots is predicated upon the assumption that humans are mentally stable, relatively moral, and ethical.

Could AIs and robots create an insurrection like 1/6? However, Trump did, and he and his minions behaved like the AI insurrection. Worrying about AI taking over the world might occur isn’t the pressing question. Nevertheless, we must address Trump; his inane mindset is the present reality. Wasting time on what might happen in the future isn’t a logical mindset. We might be destroyed as a democracy before robots might.