First and Last Witch Hunt...
The Work of the Village Idiots

Donald the Dumb claims that the media is on a witch hunt related to Russia and their hacking during the presidential campaign. Actually, anyone that questions Donald the Dumb is on a witch hunt.

However, tomorrow June 10, 2017, is the 325th anniversary of the first hanging of a witch in America. It didn’t occur in Washington, DC, but in the small village of Salem located in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Bridget Bishop was found guilty for being a witch and involved witchcraft in the colony. Before she was hanged, she said, “I am no witch. I am innocent. I know nothing of it.”

She is obviously a witch

Bishop’s hanging 325 years ago today was due to what was called “mysterious maladies” of the afflicted upon two young girls. What was interesting about the witch hunts in Salem was that as they accused more people, mostly women, they found more witches. In a few months, the Donald the Dumbs of Salem indicted over 150-witches involved in witchery. The more they found, the more there were. Perhaps, that is where Donald the Dumb learned about witch hunts. One witch hunt quickly morphed into many witch hunts.

The Salem Donald the Dumbs setup up a witch hunt court in June 1692 called the Court of Oyer and Terminer, which means “to hear and to decide.” That court in a matter of a couple days was aDble to hear the accusations against Bishop and to decide upon her guilt. After their successful hanging of Bishop, they hanged five more on July 19, 1692: Rebecca Nurse, Sarah Good, Elizabeth Howe, Susannah Martin, and Sarah Wildes.

The July witch hunt was followed by another five hangings on August 19, 1692. This time four men were sent to the gallows: George Burroughs, George Jacobs, Sr., Martha Carrier, John Proctor, and John Willard.

However, by September 22, 1692, the witch hunters found eight more witches and hanged them also. Those witches’ names are Martha Corey, Mary Eastey, Mary Parker, Alice Parker, Ann Pudeator, Wilmot Redd, Margaret Scott, and Samuel Wardwell, Sr.

Of all the insanity of all the witches in Salem, at least hanging them ended their lives rather quickly. Three days prior to Giles Corey’s wife being hanged, he was executed by pressing, which is placing large rocks on top of him for being a witch. Pressing is designed as a torturous execution. It took two day for Giles Corey to die. Giles Corey last words before he died were, “More weight!”

The pressing of Corey

So, Donald the Dumb, the witch hunters of Salem, and you will go down in history as the village idiots of America. Donald the Dumb is affected negatively by the historical allusions that he often uses. He lacks any historic insight into his allusions. His slogan about America First was the slogan of Charles Lindbergh’s pro-Nazi group prior to America entering WWII.

Donald the Dumb tweeted at 4:52am on May 18, 2017...

Donald the Dumb’s insight

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