Several Things That I Need in Life
And That’s When I Need You

This is my hit list of critically important things that I need before the end of this year. This is only my partial list. It will grow increasingly longer as the days go by. Nevertheless, these three issues are critically important to me.

1. I need to get $500,000 in less than eight months for 1250 laptops and pay an Internet provider in Myanmar to improve the Internet reception at the two schools where my granddaughters attend. Laptops are the most important tool that can help students, especially in a developing country to be able to obtain the best education possible.

A year ago, I wrote an essay about The Magnificent Seven…My Dream Team. Last week, I wrote four articles about four of my dream team that I haven’t been able to contact: Rod Stewart, Clarence Page, Jacob Soboroff, and Dr. Marchand.

In addition to my dream team, I would like to expand it to include others. I need a half million dollars, I need your help letting all your friends know about this fundraising drive. Additionally, I would like some of my donors to return with me to Myanmar in mid-December of this year. For more details, go to We Are Family in Myanmar.

2. I need Rod Stewart to return with me to Myanmar during my winter break from teaching. I would love for him to do several concerts in Myanmar. The places like Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, and especially in Taunggyi where my family lives would be excellent concert venues. The family knows all about how I feel about Rod Stewart.

The video, which is included in my introduction of Rod Stewart on my web page, is the official one for the song, Forever Young. That song encapsulates my next request of Rod Stewart. Forever Young isn’t a love song about two teenagers but rather about a relationship between a father and son. I want him to write a song about my three granddaughters who will be forever young in my heart.

Rod Stewart and his love for a child

3. I have already gone on and on about how Rod Stewart resonates with me. We are around the same age. We are both born in January, although I was born a couple years earlier. In addition, we are both Scottish. We both had medical issues associated with differing forms of cancer and a long list of other similitudes. Therefore, it would be expected that I could identify with his songs. I could go through a long litany of songs that Rod Stewart has sung over the past century. Interestingly, in most of them, I could mention what that particular song meant to me. On each occasion, I had some sort of personal connection or need. This is just one of many, many songs about which I can identify. I’m fascinated by how various times in my life are reflected by Rod Stewart’s songs. If he were to return with me to Myanmar, I would surely do a long interview with him due to the striking parallels in our lives. This song is an example.

When I need you….