The Reckoning Day
Of the Invincibles

I love teaching and believe education is essential to living a life well-lived. Next month, I will be an octogenarian. During my life, I spent a dozen years in college, graduate school, and post-graduate school. In my twilight years, I’ve also spent over a quarter of a century teaching at the college level. This week, Ti Ti, my granddaughter, will be interviewed by the US Embassy in Yangon, Myanmar, for a student visa. She is taking an online class from me now. Formal education or teaching has absorbed a considerable amount of my life.

I’m still teaching and would like to add another student for next semester. I’d be willing to teach Donald the Dumb pro bona. He’d never pay me if I charged him the going rate for tutoring. Regardless, he is deficient academically.

The name of the course that I will offer Donald the Dumb is Vincibility of the Invincible 101. It discusses the history of three autocratic nations in the modern world: Russia, China, and Iran. The first section will discuss the incarnation of Peter the Great into Putin the Minor. Interestingly, Peter the Great was interested in education and founded the first university in Russia, St. Peterburg State University.

Putin the Minor wanted to emulate Peter the Great by restoring Russia’s previous glory. In 2008, he annexed Georgia by force. Georgia had been a part of Peter the Great’s Russia.

With that success, Putin invaded Crimea in 2014. It wasn’t long before Putin the Minor felt invincible. He believed that he was the 21st-century version of Peter the Great.

In 2022, he invaded Ukraine. Putin’s “special military operation” would be a walk in the park...for a couple of days. The walk has cost the Russians 100,000 dead or wounded. There are over a dozen generals killed during the war in Ukraine. However, the Ukrainians captured Lieutenant General Andrei Sychevoi, the Russian commander in the West Group. He is the highest-ranking officer to have been captured since WWII.

Lieutenant General Andrei Sychevoi

While losing the war, Putin annexed four Ukrainian regions even though much of those areas the Russians didn’t control. Putin the Minor made colossal mistakes.



Then there was China, Xi Jinping came to power in 2012. Since then, it has been a time of consolidating more and more power. There have been issues that Xi has addressed like, forcing Uyghurs, who are mostly Muslims, into detention camps. These camps are the Chinese version of Russian gulags. The Chinese have brainwashed, sterilized, killed, or tortured two million Uyghurs. The Chinese started this in 2017.

Xi has faced other issues like Taiwan, but COVID emerged as a health problem. However, the Chinese didn’t have any vaccines that were effective enough. So, Xi shut down the entire country instead of working on developing better vaccines.

Xi thought this would resolve the issue, which was a massive mistake. Spontaneously, cities throughout China had massive protests.

China Protests

This picture shows just how angry the Chinese people are Xi.

Xi wasn’t expecting this.

Xi wasn’t expecting this.

Finally, there is Iran. The protest over women’s rights has resulted in over four hundred deaths. Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old woman, killed by the police while in custody, has become the symbol of their protest movement.

Iran Protests

The Iranian government doesn’t allow protests, and they weren’t expecting women in college to begin a national protest.

Protesters’ hair was blowing in the wind.

Protesters’ hair was blowing in the wind.

Yo, Donald. Even as much as I love teaching, you just can’t grasp reality. Your day of reckoning is coming soon. Flail away all you want. That won’t make you smart, macho man, or invincible.

Donald the Dumb is having a hissy fit.

Donald the Dumb is having a hissy fit.