Tucker’s Talk
Is Double-Talk

Tucker Carlson tells his Fox audience that he admires and glorifies Trump while dissing Trump to his Fox colleagues. This is an example, “I hate him passionately.” Tucker also sees Trump as a “demonic” person. The following photos each speak a thousand double-talk words.



So, money and ratings seem more important to Tucker than any semblance of truth.

Not so much buddies

Not so much buddies

President Biden’s son, Hunter, has been derided by Carlson on Fox. However, at a personal level, Tucker and Hunter were close friends some time ago. A decade ago, Carlson asked Hunter to write to Georgetown University recommending that the school accept Buckley, Tucker’s son, to the freshman class. Hunter’s recommendation apparently wasn’t as convincing as Tucker had hoped. Buckley wasn’t accepted. Carlson now disses Hunter, apparently, for not getting Buckley into Georgetown.

Tucker doesn’t see any problem with Putin. He doesn’t blame Putin for the war in Ukraine. So, if Putin didn’t start the war in Ukraine, who did? Tucker claims Biden. What? Biden caused the war. Listen to Tucker’s illogical argument.

Fox News

Tucker also has an audience in Russia.

CNN News

Alex Wagner summed up Carlson and his admiration for Putin. She reported that Baily Beast

Finally, one issue remains. Does Tucker believe what he states about Putin? Either he hasn’t revealed his feelings regarding Putin, or Tucker is stupid. My guess is that both options are true.