What Causes Stupidity?
Lying or Lack of Knowledge

This essay has three foci. The first issue concerns Donald the Dumb and his equally intelligent followers.

This video is Trump’s view of his honesty.

Trump sees himself as “a very stable genius.”

This video is Trump’s understanding of the human anatomy.

Trump has an idea for the treatment of COVID.

Does Trump believe this nonsense? Many MAGA minions also buy into it.

The second issue in this three-part essay about stupid things relates to ADT. I have had ADT protecting my home for two decades. However, I switched over to Brinks. Brinks has a state-of-the-art system. Technology has changed over the past twenty years. I called ADT, said I was switching to Brinks, and wanted to cancel my service with ADT. That phone call occurred several days before they automatically withdrew $190 from my checking account for the next three months of service.

Brinks had replaced ADT service at the time of my call to ADT. However, ADT withdrew $190 anyway. I called ADT again. Due to higher-than-average calls, I would have to wait 45 minutes for an agent. After I waited, somehow, I was disconnected. A couple of days later, I called ADT again. Finally, I got through to Antony. His ID number is 1563895. I explained about canceling several days before ADT withdrew $190 from my checking account. He asked what he could do for me. I said that I wanted ADT to reimburse my checking account for the withdrawal of $190.

The ADT agent responded that he would reimburse my checking for only $124. He explained that it takes time to close the account. I retorted that ADT could start or discontinue service with one keystroke. He replied that it takes several weeks to discontinue service. I couldn’t understand why ADT needed a month to stop the service.

After ADT redeposited the $124 to my checking account, I called about the $66 balance. After calling half a dozen times and not wanting to wait for 45 minutes for weeks, I finally got Jeff, whose ID number is 1672057. I told him what Anthony said, but he said the same thing. Again, I couldn’t understand what took so long to discontinue service.

Jeff said he would explain why it took a month to close my account. ADT had to contact the police, fire department, and local hospitals. What? Why would they care whether I had discontinued my ADT service? He retorted that they needed to let them know that ADT was discontinuing service to my home. I said that the old ADT panel and box were removed prior to ADT withdrawing $190 from my checking account. The police, fire department, and hospital wouldn’t have been alerted by ADT since Brinks replaced their service. The two agents knew they were lying to me.

While thinking about Trump and ADT lying through their teeth, I recalled reading an article several years ago about Napoleon. I don’t recall the author of the essay, but I do recall that it was more than merely about the military conquest of Egypt in 1798. The other reason for the Napoleonic expedition was related to science. There were 160 scientists that accompanied Napoleon’s army of 50,000 soldiers.

Napoleon ponders the Sphinx.

Napoleon ponders the Sphinx.

At one level, scientists could do research about Egypt. However, there was a darker side to including scientists, which was racism. The underlining question was who built the Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza. The underlying theory was that the Egyptians weren’t Africans but whites.

In the 19th century, there developed a tension between the OT narrative related to the Great Flood in Genesis. Noah, his family, and a boatload of animals weathered the flood and wound up on Mt. Ararat. Over time, Noah’s three sons, Shem, Japheth, and Ham, migrated to the known world. Japheth and later generations repopulated Europe. Shem did the same, but that territory was the Middle East. Ham repopulated Africa.

Noah’s three sons repopulated the world after the Great Flood.

Noah’s three sons repopulated the world after the Great Flood.

Remember, this belief was based upon the mindset of white European Christians. This is the foundation of what is called the Hamitic theory. The first primitive Hamitic people were from Africa and dark-skinned. However, there was later an invasion of whites to Africa. The whites were more advanced than the earlier primitive people who were dark-skinned.

This explains much of the scientific mindset of some scientists who accompanied Napoleon in Egypt. For example, the primitive people of Ham couldn’t have built the Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza, meaning black Africans. Those structures like the Sphinx and the pyramids were built by whites who had invaded Africa. Hence, Egyptians aren’t Africans. They were advanced people, not primitive people.

In the 19th century, there was another invasion of the superior white race in Africa. White Europeans colonialized Africa by seizing power over the African continent.

The invaded African continent

The invaded African continent

Albert Schweitzer said, “The African is my brother, but he is my younger brother by several centuries.” Whites didn’t see that statement as being racist.

Another stupid statement about colonizing Africa was called the 3 Cs, Christianity, Commerce, and Civilization. That was David Livingstone’s reason for becoming a missionary. Livingstone and all the others wanted to bring the correct religion to Africa. It would also help the European economies and civilize all of Africa. Interestingly, while Livingstone was working on the 3 Cs, he was the first white to see Victoria Falls, which he named after Queen Victoria. The locals called it Mosi-oa-Tunya, which means the smoke that thunders.

The smoke that thunders

The smoke that thunders

He was so enthralled by the falls that he wrote, “Scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight.”

This essay was about the past. However, William Faulkner warned us about the past. He wrote, “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.”

In the 21st century, Americans are facing and/or supporting white supremacy and dissing addressing Critical Race Theory. Faulkner was correct.