Moh Moh’s Interview of Me

Moh Moh finally had her opportunity to interview me. She had picked me up in Yangon when I first arrived in mid-December. She and her brother droved us to Than’s home so that I could pick up a half dozen pieces of artwork that I had commissioned him to do for me prior to my visit. After I had interviewed Than, he interviewed me.

There is no one in Myanmar that knows me better than Moh Moh. Essentially, it is her insight and observation about me, which caused her to introduce me to Ti Ti over six years ago. Ti Ti and I played Scrabble and talked together in their home. While Ti Ti beat me at Scrabble, I gained a part of my family. Mere words can’t come close to expressing how important Ko Ko, Moh Moh, Ti Ti, Snow, and Fatty are to me.