A Picture is Worth a Billion Words
Or Pick Your Mentors Wisely

This article is a spinoff of my last essay on mentors. I mentioned the importance of mentors and listed my mentors. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I am indebted to them and acknowledge them in my writings and conversations.

Gov. Whitmer of Michigan had appointed Kyra Harris Bolden to the state’s Supreme Court. During Bolden’s acceptance speech, she mentioned her great-grandmother told her about her great-grandfather being lynched by a white mob. That single act of racism motivated Bolden. In her speech, she said “in just a few generations our family has gone from lynching to law school. From injustice to a capital ‘J’ justice. This is the greatness of possibility in our country.”

I ended my article with a comment to my readers about using Kyra Harris Bolden as a mentor. However, that assumes that my readers were looking for a noble, good, honest, caring, and truthful mentor. Tragically, some people pick really stupid mentors. Case in point, Kari Lake.

He is my mentor.

He is my mentor.

Lake went to Mar-a-Lago to visit her mentor. After listening to her mentor, she and her legal team will address voter disenfranchisement. Even though the chairperson and vice-chairperson of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, both Republicans, assured voters that the election results for the governor of Arizona were accurate. With 99% of the vote already tabulated, Katie Hobb’s won 1,287,890 votes or 50.3% of the total, and Lake won 1,270774 votes or 49.7%. Hobbs won by 17,116 votes.

Lake is still refusing the election results. The disgruntled and defeated candidate is a clone of the twice-impeached Denier-in-Chief. Lake knows Trump’s game plan. Trump demanded that Brad Raffensperger, Secretary of State in Georgia, find some 11,780 votes, which was one more than he needed to win Georgia. Listen to his arrogance.

Lake is calling around looking for 17,116 votes plus one. Her arrogance equals her mentor’s view of himself. Lake would be a stupid choice if you are looking for a mentor.