A Swan Song
Then and Now

The ancient Greeks originated the phrase κύκνειον ᾆσμα, which means swan song. The first Greek writer to mention a swan song was Aesop 2500 years ago. One of Aesop’s Fables was The Swan and the Goose. Other writers like Aeschylus, Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle have written their versions on the theme of a swan song.

A swan

A swan

Essentially, the term relates to the ancient Greek belief that a swan would sing a lovely song before dying. However, there has been a variation that developed over the centuries. Some writers dissed the notion of a swan singing beautifully. They believed that the swan’s song didn’t have a lovely melody and was merely noisy.

That is the backstory. Republicans mounted a red wave to oust Democrats from Congress and state governments. Their dream floundered and failed. Their wimpish red tsunami resulted in losing a Senate seat. After the Georgia runoff, the Democrats will have gained another seat. Republicans didn’t come close to gaining several dozen House seats either. The estimate of several dozen seats is closer to several seats.

The candidates running as election deniers in battleground states all lost. Interestingly, Kari Lake lost her race to be governor of Arizona by 20,000 votes. Lake is a clone of Donald the Dumb.

I found Fox and Friends discussing the midterm elections with Kari Lake and Donald the Dumb. It seemed quite apropos since Lake is following in the footsteps of our former Liar-in-Chief. Both of them had their elections stolen from them.

Click on Fox and Friends discussing the midterm elections with Kari Lake and Donald the Dumb.

Lake sang her swan song when her hope of being the governor of Arizona died. It wasn’t the first type of the ancient Greek swan song but like the discordant version. Trumped has trained her well. Neither of them conceded their election losses. In reality, Donald the Dumb and Kari Lake are dying swans.

If Dylan Thomas were still alive, he would have edited his poem about dying.

Go gentle into that good night.
And do so quietly at the dying of the light.