A Cancer, Too, Took Root
Avoid Cancer

I came across an article on NPR’s website about Nadia Popovici, who went to a hockey game between her hometown Seattle Kraken and the Vancouver Canucks. That would be exciting for anyone attending their team’s game.

Popovici at the hockey game

However, while Nadia Popovici watched the game, she noticed one of the equipment managers working at the bunch of the Canucks. She saw an irregular mole on the back of his neck. Having volunteered in hospitals, she recognized what looked like malignant melanoma. Interestingly, Popovici plans to go to medical school in the fall.

Popovici had a problem. How could she tell a total stranger that she wanted him to see a doctor? This is what she wrote on her cell phone and showed him.


He took her advice, and the biopsy revealed melanoma in situ, which affects the top layer of skin or the epidermis. If it isn’t treated quickly, it can metastasize and become life-threatening. Fortunately, he had it treated.

This is the first backstory. The second backstory involves having Dr. Garritson develop a treatment plan for my atopic dermatitis condition. She started with prednisone and then went to dapsone. I had never heard of dapsone. So, I googled it. Dapsone treats leprosy.

I had an appointment with Dr. Garritson after taking dapsone for several months. When I returned to see her, she was wearing a mask. Initially, I thought that it was due to me having leprosy. She assured me that she didn’t think that I had leprosy.

Atopic dermatitis causes a rash, which comes and goes. I mentioned a place on my face that had a tiny rash. When she looked at it, it wasn’t dermatitis. It was basal cell carcinoma. Fortunately, it wasn’t melanoma. Nonetheless, she wanted one of her colleagues to remove it.

I managed to live through the surgery, and it healed nicely. Several months later, I returned for a routine appointment. I happened to mention that I discovered a similar basal cell carcinoma on my right cheek in the exact area where the other skin cancer was removed. Last week, I had an appointment with Dr. Garritson, and she froze it with liquid nitrogen.

I have addressed the two backstories related to cancer. However, this third part of the essay is about a far more virulent form of cancer. This is my message to the Trumpers who have this type of cancer.

My text message to America