Children and War
Ukraine and Myanmar

All Americans are riveted to the television watching the Russian invasion. Excluding the radical right head by Tucker Carlson, Americans see Putin’s attack as an inane attempt to return to the old days of the USSR. Putin’s lapdog, Carlson, claims that the US is funding biological weapons research labs in Ukraine.

The UN had an emergency session that condemned Russia for invading Ukraine. The vote was 141 for the resolution, thirty-five abstained, and five against it. Interestingly, the five nations were China, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, and India. I wonder how the UN would have voted if they disagreed with Carlson.

The world sees senseless killing, the targeted bombing of hospitals, and even a maternity hospital. The Russians bombed the Mariupol maternity hospital. This is a mother being carried out of the hospital.

A pregnant mother in a Mariupol maternity hospital

In a matter of a couple of hours, both the mother and baby died. It is difficult to even try to estimate the number of deaths and injuries in three weeks of the war in Ukraine.

It is a horrific killing spree that Putin is waging. However, our minds are focused on Eastern Europe. Nonetheless, my family lives in Myanmar on the other side of the world from Ukraine. Imagine how I feel about my children and my grandchildren.

Myanmar is in the midst of a civil war. On February 1, 2021, the general seized power on the day before the winners in the parliamentary election were to be installed. I receive an online newspaper, Frontier Fridays, which covers a similar killing spree like what is happening in Ukraine.

This is the first paragraph of Frontier Fridays from the latest report. “This week, the junta launched a series of heinous attacks in which at least nine children were killed across the country…the regime tried to terminate the citizenship of key resistance figures.” The newspaper mentioned the killing of children and mothers in Kayin State last week.

The people of Myanmar have protested, boycotted, demonstrated against the military coup, and had a Silent Strike. Frontier Fridays mentioned a list of killings, especially children during the previous week.

I also read an article about 1,488 protesters killed on January 20, 2022. At least forty-four were young children. The generals had 8,720 arrested. The estimated deaths in the past year were 12,000. This was just in one day.

This picture is from Frontier Fridays’ latest email.

This is a children’s protest against the military’s killings, including children.