Conspiracy Theory Nonsense...
Except For One

We live in a time of conspiracy theories. There is someone or some group out there that has theories about nearly everything. Off the top of my head, this is a short list of stupid things that aren’t conspiracies.

  • NASA’s moon landing in 1969 never occurred. Some groups claim this photo was staged here on Earth, not on the Moon.

This wasn’t on the Moon.

  • Another conspiracy had to do with Obama being born in Kenya. Since you need to be an American to run for the presidency, Obama lied.

Obama was from Kenya.

A used car dealer posted this billboard claiming Obama wasn’t an American. Trump echoed that birtherism conspiracy during the runup to the 2016 presidential election. Trump talked about a stolen election before the election. Trump didn’t win, which proved, from Trump’s mindset, that it was stolen. The result of not winning the stolen election caused the January 6th riot and storming of the Capital.

  • The John Birch Society got all upset with the goddess commies and were into having clean water, which was fluoridated. Dr. Strangelove addressed the same issue with precious bodily fluids. Listen to General Ripper deal with the commies and our bodily fluids. Fluoride is still put into water to provide dental health.

  • Then there was the 5G microchip that was put into COVID-19 vaccines. Big Brother wanted to keep an eye on you.

There is a 5G chip inside the vaccine

This is the diagram of the 5G chip. Look carefully; you might see the chip in the syringe. The following diagram is of the 5G chip.


This is a diagram of the 5G chip in COVID vaccines.

All these conspiracy theories are hogwash. However, John Oliver, both a British subject and an American citizen, mentioned a conspiracy theory responsible for Queen Elizabeth II’s recent death.

Allow me to explain. The Brits have a prime minister who runs the political show in Britain. The majority party will vote for the new prime minister; however, he or she will have to meet with Queen Elizabeth. It is a pro forma act. It is similar to the vice president in the US overseeing the vote of the Electoral College.

A prime minister is the head of the government as long as his or her party is in power. Therefore, a prime minister will often have that office for a handful or more years. During Queen Elizabeth’s reign, she had fifteen prime ministers. However, there have been three prime ministers in the last half dozen years. The previous prime minister was Liz Truss, who lasted for a couple of weeks.

This video is of John Oliver discussing his conspiracy theory about Queen Elizabeth’s death.

That conspiracy theory makes more sense than the run-of-the-mill theories like birtherism, stolen election, or the G5 chip.

This video is about the pro forma act of the Queen appointing the prime minister.