I Dream Things That Never Were…
And Say Way Not”

Important! When I was listing the people that would be invited to my lake in the video, I mentioned that I felt like I had forgotten a couple. I had. The two people who I forgot to include are two exceptionally good friends of mine who live in Myanmar. Than and Tin Tin.

Than is a great artist. He has done close to a dozen paintings for me. Half of them were for my three granddaughters in Myanmar and one for a vet in the States that took care of Ginger during some life and death medical problems. The other half of the paintings adorn walls in my home.

Tin Tin is the owner of the tour company in Myanmar, which setup both tours for my first two trips to her country. Moh Moh was my tour guide the first time. Ko Ko was my tour guide on my second trip, except for one day. On that day, Moh Moh and Ti Ti were my guides.

Both Tin Tin and Than have helped me countless times in the past six years.

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