Resurrecting the Quest of Men in Black
Before the Election

I just received an email from Will Smith, who played Agent Jay in all three sci-fi films: Men in Black, Men in Black II, and Men in Black III. However, before discussing his idea, I want to provide a short synopsis of the storyline of MiB to explain the importance of Will’s suggestion.

Men in Black are part of a top-secret agency dedicated to saving the world from space aliens, some of whom were hiding in plain sight in New York City. Agent Kay, Tommy Lee Jones, a member of this secret agency, hired a New York City detective, James Edwards (Will Smith), as his partner, Agent Jay. Their task was to eliminate the extraterrestrial invaders in the world. That assignment was no small task because the aliens resemble ordinary human beings. They are incognito because they kill the victim, and then the extraterrestrial takes over the victim’s body.

One of the weapons Agent Kay introduced to Agent Jay was the MiB neuralyzer. This device can erase all memory of the human target. It is harmless and removes any memory of that person’s life related to extraterrestrials. The one who uses the device must wear Ray-Ban sunglasses to avoid losing their memory in the bright red light.



Agent Jay only used his neuralyzer on his partner, Agent Kay, when his partner wanted to retire from Men in Black.

That was the backstory. Will Smith mentioned in his email that I was into movies and wanted to help America rid itself of the nonsense of Donald the Dumb. Our former president was twice impeached and indicted four times, which contained 91 felony charges, ad infinitum. Trump also owes a half billion dollars in New York state cases, which found him guilty of falsifying financial records and defaming E. Jean Caroll, and the list goes on.

Will Smith suggested watching this video about neuralyzing.

Will Smith said we could discuss how to resurrect the Men in Black. Also, he would reach out to Agent Kay to come out of retirement. His neuralyzer is still working. Perhaps we could get some financing and have two more neuralyzers made secretly, one for Agent Kay and one for me. Smith also suggested I ask Ginger if she wanted to ride with us like Frank, the pug dog, did.

The resurrected Men in Black, along with Ginger, would erase the MAGA minion’s nonsense about the election was rigged. When something goes wrong, like losing an election, Trump’s mantra is that it was rigged. The Donald claims he owns all the top-secret documents stored in the bathroom and on the stage at Mar-a-Lago. Additionally, he didn’t have anything to do with the riot on January 5 and didn’t threaten Mike Pence. Finally, Donald the Honest didn’t call Georgia’s Secretary of State to find 11,780 votes.

Now, there are some of the Donald’s avid supporters who believe he is innocent of all the charges, but there are far more Republicans who are lying about believing everything that Trump claims to be true. If Agent Jay, Agent Kay, and I had the opportunity to use the MiB neuralyzer on all the MAGA minions, we could correct all the lies Trump is spewing and his followers to see the light.