Ti Ti, the Driven
An Exceptional Young Lady

As Ti Ti’s grandfather, it's interesting to watch Ti Ti become a young lady. Driven is the word that defines her. In a recent article, I mentioned several examples of Ti Ti’s drive to overachieve at anything that she does. From taming a python to coming in first place in math in Shan State, coming in second isn’t acceptable.

I got this email a couple of days ago from Ti Ti.

Dear Papa Al,

    How's the weather there? It's really hot here and people are sweltering.

    I finished TOEFL class today and now moving on to taking the exam. I didn't want to answer the test unprepared. It is not my cup of tea. 

    I also finished my crochet class. Now, I'm making a scarf for you. I am here to give you a sneak peek. I used blue and yellow colors as they are your favorite color and white and black colors to make them shine brighter. Since, I'll be coming in fall, maybe you can wear it this winter.

Tell me what you think about it.

Ti Ti

This email illustrates Ti Ti’s drive in various situations. She attached a picture of a scarf that she is making for me. I’m excited about her creativity in the design, colors, and ability to crochet.

The other issue in Ti Ti’s email was a test, which she will be taking next Wednesday called TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). The test results will prove that Ti Ti will be able to understand English in college classes in America. Ti Ti is gifted and is Mensa material.

It isn’t merely an IQ issue, but it is how Ti Ti uses her intellectual gift. When I told Ti Ti several years ago that she would be going to college in Myanmar on my dime, all I wanted was to tell me what she wanted to do with her education after college. Ti Ti’s response was to make her country a better place. She said that to me when she was around thirteen. Today, she has now completed two years at Gusto University in Yangon, Myanmar.

Ti Ti’s family has applied for Diversity Visas. They haven’t heard whether they have won our State Department’s lottery that allocates green cards to overseas individuals and families to come to America and live with me.

In the meantime, I mentioned to her parents that Ti Ti could get a student visa to come to the States and go to college. They discussed that with her. Ti Ti has completed all the necessary documents to go to school in America and live on the lake with me in Crown Point, except for one item. She only needs to take her TOEFL exam.