Who Will Bring Trump to Justice
Not the Courts

A couple of months ago, it looked like Trump would face many trials between then and the election. However, delay, delay, delay is Trump’s mantra. Last week, it became clear that the only sure trial would be the hush money case starting this week. Wrong. That trial won’t begin for at least another month. Even Nostradamus wouldn’t have predicted this legal debacle a half millennia ago.

The defamation and fraud cases have already found Donald the Dumb guilty. He owes a half-billion dollars to E. Jean Carroll and the state of New York. Neither case is related to the insurrection or stealing documents indictments. The rush money case may begin a month or more from now. As the saying goes, “The wheel of justice grinds slowly?” That is true. Look at this video carefully; it is moving very slowly.

The wheel of justice....

The wheel of justice....

Wheels grind slowly, indeed. The classified documents indictment case in the Southern District of Florida had testimony from many people. Most witnesses got numbers instead of having their actual names used before the trial. The Special Counselor’s officials and the judge were the only ones with access to their names.

One such witness was Employee 5. However, he wanted to come forward during an interview with Kaitlan Collins of CNN. Brain Butler worked for Trump at Mar-a-Lago as his valet and vehicle manager.

Interestingly, Butler was a close friend of Carlos de Oliveira, Trump’s property manager at Mar-a-Lago. Collins asked Butler an interesting question about whether he knew anything about any potential programs regarding Trump. Initially, Butler wasn’t cognizant of any improprieties. Nonetheless, he helped Walt Nauta, another valet of Trump, load boxes onto a plane leaving Mar-a-Lago in early June.

Brian Bulter lived in two worlds: the Trump world and the regular world. When he realized those two worlds had collided, he chose the regular world in which to live. The regular world assumes that people should be honest, which allowed Butler to provide testimony to Jack Smith’s investigators.

Nevertheless, Bulter became increasingly aware that our justice system isn’t as blind or honest as we think it should be. That is true, starting at the top with the Supreme Court and going down to a federal judge.

Then Collins asked Butler a litany of questions, starting with whether Butler thinks Trump should be running again.

Until last week, Butler wasn’t a name known outside of Trump’s world. If you Google Brian Butler, you will discover 75 million sites.

Collins questioned Butler about his determination and what it might cost him. This is Butler’s mantra, “I don’t want to live in fear. I mean, we’re only here for a finite time. To me, I refuse to live in fear like that. I mean, yes, cautious. But, you know, I’m gonna tell the truth.”

This video is the complete Kaitlan Collins interview.