What We Can Learn from Yapping Dogs
And Yapping Leaders

Ginger and I have gotten back to our regular routine of circumnavigating the lake on which we live. It takes an hour to make our daily trek. We haven’t done that for six months due to the pain of walking. My plantar fasciitis and tarsal tunnel syndrome made it too painful to walk anywhere. Last November, I had my foot problems alleviated by surgery. Dr. El-Samad cut part of the fascia and cleaned out the nerves around my ankle.

Ginger and I enjoy our time together on our long walks. However, yapping dogs are the only drawback to our daily outing. Our quiet time together is interrupted by diminutive, little dogs yapping. Some of the dogs will yap while outside.

An outside yapping dog

Some yapping dogs were inside, but we could hear them.

An inside yapping dog

Little yapping dogs are essentially canines with an inferiority complex. They attempt to compensate for their size by acting as the biggest dog in the town. It is annoying to hear them posturing when they know they wouldn’t win the skirmish if a larger dog wanted to take them on. That canine hubris is as irritating as their yapping.

When we get to the undeveloped area, Ginger and I finally can enjoy our time together. Ginger tries to pick up the scent of a deer as I ponder. I go through things that I need to do when we get back home. While there is much to do, I spend most of my time addressing my concerns regarding Ukraine and Myanmar. Both countries face the killings of civilians.

While my family in Myanmar is the most critical safety issue to me personally, the killing of Ukrainians also concerns me. Ukraine is dealing with the yappy dog syndrome, which is based upon an inferiority complex of Czar Putin, the Diminutive.

Am I that much less than you?

Putin wants his legacy to be the one that restored the USSR. His dream has a couple of fatal flaws. The first is that the vast majority of nations don’t see the USSR as the gold standard for great nations.

Also, I wrote about Putin not reading The Epic of Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh dissed the notion of immortality and said, “Forget death and seek life.” In living a good and noble life by helping others, Gilgamesh acquired immortality. Putin is living a bad and ignoble life, which will provide him a horrific immortality. Putin’s mentor is Stalin. Regardless of wanting fame and fortune, Putin kills Ukrainians who are refugees attempting to leave Ukraine or killing civilians in cities.

Then there is our former president, Donald the Dumb, Putin’s lapdog.

Two yapping dogs

If Trump could have pulled off the coup on January 6th, we would be like Myanmar and Ukraine. Nonetheless, Putin and Trump are losers, and they both know it.