Talking with Objects

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I have written for newspapers, magazines, and my webpage over the last quarter of a century. The subject matter varies from my family, travel, social movements, and human interests. However, many of the essays fall into the category of critical issues. To make it easier for my readers, I have grouped these articles into over a dozen categories that range from Seeing the Light to Ukraine's independence movement.

Additionally, I have spent a great deal of time studying and traveling overseas in the past half-century. Those places that I have visited have greatly benefited me personally. My travels have made me a far better professor and writer. I am a very different person than I would have been had I simply read about places and events.

In my home, I have things from all over the world, which remind me of where I have been and what I learned. While travelling in these diverse locations, I will acquire things from these countries as mementoes that not only remind me of where I have been, but these things caused me to understand better the people and places in dozens of countries scattered around the world.

I have a guest room in my house that I call the Zhõngguó Fáng (中国房), which means the China Room. It contains things from Tibet and China. One of the treasures in that room is a Tibetan cabinet. I love and cherish this very old piece of furniture. However, this antique cabinet just recently started to talk to me.

Talking with Objects

While you might wish to write off furniture talking to people, this cabinet and I chatted late one night. Initially, it took me some time to adjust to that phenomenon. However, I have learned a great deal about the cabinet and myself during our conversations.

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