The Clown Car Drivers
Are Driving Scared

Some of the drivers of clown cars are driving recklessly and have gotten tickets for their driving. Nonetheless, they continue to drive around, seemingly oblivious to reality.

Clown Car

This is an example of a clown in a clown car.

However, reckless driving isn't limited to America. There are many reckless drivers of clown cars throughout the world. They have been warned, and yet they continue to drive with abandonment.

Here are two examples in their shared clown car.

The Lady

This is Putin and Trump in their clown car.

Trump has been found guilty twice, indicted, and facing several other indictments and lawsuits. Various prosecutors have witnesses and several recordings of Trump saying he is breaking the law, which surely will be used as evidence in future trials.

Trump's central modus operandi in his life is winning all the time. Looking back on his life, Trump rarely won anything. Clinton beat Trump by 3 million votes, but the Electoral College in 2016 was the only way Trump became president. Biden beat Trump in 2020 with 81 million votes, which was 51.3% to Trump's 46.8% of total. Biden's total was the largest number of votes in any presidential election.

Trump and his supporters went to state and federal courts and lost all his claims that the election was stolen from him.

Trump is paranoid about being a loser but still a loser. Trump's mentor is Czar Putin the Little. Putin wants to win at all costs, also. He is as paranoid as Trump. Putin is never sure he is safe from a coup by some general. He is constantly changing them, hoping that he will remain in power.

He is also paranoid about diseases like COVID. He will sit at the end of a long table to discuss things with his staff.

Putin Table

"Can you hear me?"

The recent coup attempt by Prigozhin and his Wagner generals is merely the most recent scare that Putin faced with the determination of a wannabe Czar Peter the Great.

This is no way that Putin's dream of replicating Peter the Great. We have two clown buddies driving around pretending to be macho. Neither Trump nor Putin wish to be losers, but they are. Neither of them ever read The Epic of Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh grasped the meaning of life. Once he understood his purpose in life was to do good by helping others, he is still remembered 5,000 years after his life.

Trump and Putin are seen as two clowns driving around as buddies in their clown car. What is worse is that history will remember the two clowns as losers.