Kicking the Can Down the Road, Again
50th Mass Shootings in America This Year

Valentine’s Day in Kansas City, MO, was a happy day to celebrate the Super Bowl victory of the Kansas City Chiefs. Some estimate that a million people attended the festivities, with 800 police on duty. Toward the celebration, gunfire erupted, killing one woman, and wounding 22 others near Union Station. The victims ranged in age from 8-47, and half were under 16.

The local police and the FBI are investigating this mass shooting. Authorities believe that the three people they arrested got into an argument, which started the shooting. Complete details still haven’t been revealed yet. However, the police arrested the three people, two of which were juveniles.

Despite the chaos of those few moments of gunfire, several people assisted the police in locating one of the assailants. In one case, several people tackled one of the shooters. In the scuffle, another person picked up the gun.

That was two days ago. Law enforcement investigators are now attempting to piecemeal the crime scene together. However, this mass shooting is fading from the news. Trump and all his legal battles returned to centerstage. On one side of the stage, an FBI informer was arrested for lying about Hunter Biden and Joe Biden’s involvement in the Burisma scam. On the other side of the stage, Alexei Navalny, the Russian activist, died in an Arctic prison.

The mass shooting in Kansas City will do the same dance that all the mass shootings have done in the past. Pick any shooting, and you will see the same dance. Some say that talking about gun control while people are mourning the death of loved ones or as victims are recovering in hospitals is not an appropriate time to discuss guns. Looking into gun control later is merely kicking the can down the road. The NRA wants guns to protect Americans. That is a nonsensical and stupid mindset. Where were all the NRA minions in Kansas City or the other mass shootings?

What makes America a leader in the world with mass shootings? Guns.

We have more mass shootings than the combined number of mass shootings of the next 19 countries.

We have more mass shootings than the combined number of mass shootings of the next 19 countries.

We will continue to be horrified by mass shootings, but we are doing nothing but mourn the deaths and injuries of victims. Tragically, mass shootings are the only problem facing America. Look at the litany of issues that we aren’t addressing.

Sexism is an obvious one. Many males claim superiority over women. Women aren’t viewed as equals. Men dictate to women about their reproductive rights. They claim that men are more intelligent, driven, and capable than their counterparts. That mindset isn’t true. There are more women in medical schools in America than men. Two-thirds of all veterinarians are women. In both professions, women have worked hard to get to that equality.

Racism is another place where white males have problems. Hence, they talk the talk of white supremacy. They view white males as better than all the rest of humankind. Racism morphs into xenophobia. Anyone who isn’t white is seen as a second-class person.

So, why is some 81-year-old white male harping on these types of issues? Bobby Kennedy wrote, “Every generation inherits a world it never made; and, as it does so, it automatically becomes the trustee of that world for those who come after. In due course, each generation makes its own accounting to its children.”

Two things will occur if we don’t address these issues and others. Human beings will suffer. We didn’t create the problems, but we must address them. We must wake up and stop kicking the can down the road.

Beyond not resolving all the social issues, we are creating our own legacy. How we will be remembered is in our hands. Someday, each of us will croak; we are not immortals. There are two role models before us: Bobby Kennedy or Donald Trump. Which would you pick? Your choice will live on after you are gone. Choose wisely.