Hanging My Problem on My Lantern
Contacting Clarence Page

This is my second essay regarding what Bobby Kennedy said about struggling to resolve a problem. Bobby’s suggestion to all of us was, “Hang a lantern on your problems.” A year ago, I wrote an essay entitled, The Magnificent Seven…My Dream Team. I want my dream team to return with me to Myanmar with 1250 laptops for the two schools where Ti Ti, Snow, and Fatty, my granddaughters, attend classes in Taunggyi, Myanmar.

My first hanging my problem on my lantern regarded Rod Stewart. Today’s problem that I am hanging on my lantern is…a problem contacting Clarence Page.

Clarence Page

Clarence Page writes a syndicated column and is a senior member of the Chicago Tribune editorial board. What I admire about him is that he understands various important social issues and explains them clearly to his readers. He has two Pulitzer Prizes for his efforts.

Several years ago, I wanted to find a column that he had written. So, I went to the Tribune’s website. It was then that I noticed that he prefaced his columns with a video. Since then, I begin all my essays with a video. I learned a critically important part of communicating with my readers by watching Page blend the video with his column.

Myanmar is an emerging country. It is facing many obstacles on its way to a developed nation both economically and socially. I would love to have him return with me and gain his insights on how to assist Myanmar. I realize that one way has to do with providing laptops for two schools in Taunggyi.

I am keenly aware that students in Myanmar need to be able to use the Internet to further their education. Less than 10% of the students have access to any form of computer. That is the reason for wanting to raise a half million dollars for two schools where my granddaughters attend. Once we can raise the money for 1250 laptops and improve the Internet reception to the two schools, we will then develop new ideas to benefit the next generation in Myanmar.

Therefore, if you are the first to contact Clarence Page and have him email or call me, I will return your effort with a dinner that I prepare for you and your significant other at my place in Crown Point, IN. In my previous essay about Rod Stewart, I mentioned that I am an experienced chef having studied under the chef at Rick's Café in Casablanca.

The kitchen is located through the door in the back of this photo and to the right.

After my special meal, I will also interview you for my website and also give you a large Himalayan Salt Lamp. I promise you that I will reward you, if you are the first person to get him to contact me. Nevertheless, you will receive the gratitude of 1250 students who will be able to use the Internet to further their educational experience while attending school.

Finally, at the end of my GoFundMe request of a half million dollars, I made three requests. I would also like you to consider all three of these items.

1. I am asking you to contribute to my dream of raising $500,000.

2. My next request is for you to send this link to your friends and ask them to send it to their friends…

3. My final request is to return with me to Myanmar during winter break in 2019…less than a year from now. You will see where your money is being sent. Additionally, you might discover a part of your family living in Myanmar. My discovery changed my life. It was my one moment in time, and it can be yours also.

I hope you are successful in contacting Clarence Page. I’m hanging my problems on my lantern. Thank you in advance.

Hanging my lantern on my problems went steroid.