Music I Love and Why

Music I Love

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One of the things that seems out of place in my life is my love for all sorts of music. I enjoy various forms from the classical to the popular. What is out of place regarding my love for music is that I cannot play any instrument nor can I sing on key. I have attempted to understand why music has such an appeal for me, even though I do not possess any musical ability. I cannot explain it. While I am overwhelmingly right-brained and am creative in writing, photography, and landscaping, I cannot explain my great interest in music.

Even though I lack any musical talent, I would also like to know why a composer wrote any score of music that I truly enjoy. Hence, this section, Music I Love and Why, is dedicated to sharing some of my favorite music and what motivated the composer to write it. I hope that you enjoy both parts.

Legends Often Morph into Facts Do You Hear the People Sing... Who Will Not Be Slaves Again!
The War of Northern Aggression Isn’t Over Yet
What Makes Me Tick and Teach? No Pain, No Gain
Stopping in the WoodsWhile Dreaming Dreams
Your Meaning of Being…What Is It?
Emails Past and PresentA Reflection Upon Our World
The Importance of the Sound of Music…According to Nietzsche and Me
Hear Ye, Hear Ye…Ti Ti Is Starting College Today!
The Devil Made Me Do It. A Presidential Duet
There Is More to Dreaming…Than Just Dreaming
The Morphing Together of a Salt Lamp, Nero, and Cat StevensAn Insight for the Present Day
Living in Two Worlds…Part 2The Utopian Time
Living in Two WorldsPart 1
Ti Ti’s Spin on My WeltanschauungAnd Mine on Hers
Living in the New NormalOur New World Order
The Brighter Side of LifeSomewhat Brighter
Understanding Life as We Live ItSonata Pathétique
Circle of LifeDance On
The Republican TrinitySessions, Bolton, and Roberts
The Teak BridgePart 2 of a 4 Parts Series
Thoughts About Willie Nelson’s Song…. On the Road Again
Starry, Starry Night…. What Do You See?
Lili Marleen A Musical Journey to Reality
I Did It My Way An Important Mentor
Leo Tolstoy What He Learned About Communication
Music as a Unifying Force Also for Oneself
More Music More Defining
Pick Your Mentors But Be Careful About Who and Why
A Whiter Shade of Pale What’s It All About?
Another Déjà Vu In the Arts and Philosophy
Nietzsche Apparently Read Thoreau But I Have Read Much of Both
Nietzsche, Pathétique, and No Pain, No Gain Part Two of One-Liners
Nietzsche Wanted Two Things in Life: Music and a Dancing God
Purpose of Our Being What’s It All About, Alfie
Pathétique A Way to Live Life
Several Things That I Need in Life And That’s When I Need You
Hanging My Problem on My Lantern Jacob Soboroff
Hanging My Problem on My Lantern Contacting Clarence Page
Hanging My Problem on My Lantern Contacting Rod Stewart
Lord of the Dance From Three Perspectives
Three Songs Morphed Together Creating Meaning in Life
Dreaming…. About My Moment in Time
One Moment in Time Carpe Diem
Looking at Life From Both Sides Now
A New Year’s Eve With a New Resolution for the Coming Year
Captain Ahab and His Incarnation In Donald the Dumb
Way Back Home… In America and Myanmar
Helping Donald Dumb… And the Rest of Us
"Look at Me I Am Old but I’m Happy"
Dreaming The Drug for Realizing Your Hopes
Serendipitous Moments in My Life And They Are Haunting Me
Rhythm of My Heart Here and Abroad
Being a Young Turk… During the 20th Century
Stumbling into the Truth… Related to Forever Young
Remembering a Brief Moment in Camelot Which Was Lost in Time
Be a Dreamer.... And Never Quit Dreaming.
Trump Asked, “Am I a F--king Baby…?” Answer: Yes!
Snow, the Virtuoso Träumerei and The Great Gate of Kiev
America  thumbnail America As Bobby, Moh Moh, and the Jazz Singer See It
Blue Eyes thumbnail Blue Eyes Cryin’ in the Rain While Plowing
Edmund Fitzgerald thumbnail The Haunting of the Edmund Fitzgerald Doomed Before Setting Sail
The Reason thumbnail The Reason Behind... Everything
Lambs Eat Ivy thumbnail Lambs Eat Ivy And Ginger Eats Lamb Ears
FLASH!!! thumbnail FLASH!!! We Have More Time This Year.
Walking in the Snow with Wenceslas  thumbnail Walking in the Snow with Wenceslas Is More Than Merely a Carol
The Fool on the Hill thumbnail The Fool on the Hill 50 Years Ago and Now
A Quest...  thumbnail A Quest... To Find a Heart of Gold
Roll Me Up thumbnail Roll Me Up I Am Free to be Me at 73
On the Road Again... thumbnail On the Road Again... Like a Gypsy
Teach Your Children... thumbnail Teach Your Children... To Dream
Himmler and His Quest for the Holy Grail thumbnail Himmler and His Quest for the Holy Grail Remember the Past
The Queen's Haunting... thumbnail The Queen's Haunting... Bohemian Rhapsody
I Come in a World of Iron...  thumbnail "I Come in a World of Iron... To Make a World of Gold."
Morphing of the Flu with Polio thumbnail Morphing of the Flu with Polio A Strange Juxtaposition
Rewriting History thumbnail Rewriting History To Fit Our Notions
Ravel's Bolero
 thumbnail Ravel's Bolero Was Repeating Itself
 thumbnail Maude Adams Found Somewhere in Time
In My Life thumbnail In My Life I'll Never Lose Affection for People and Things
Could I Have This Dance... thumbnail Could I Have This Dance... For the Rest of My Life?
Alex Failed... thumbnail Alex Failed... But Danced On.
My Casablanca Party thumbnail My Casablanca Party Morphed Into My La Mancha Party
The Value of Dreaming thumbnail The Value of Dreaming About My List of Dulcineas
Somewhere in Time thumbnail Somewhere in Time The Importance of Memories
Dreams will come to you....  thumbnail Dreams will come to you.... If You Are True to Your Quest
Pathatique thumbnail Pathétique Moving Music
Traumerei< thumbnail Träumerei The Dreaming of Schumann and Me
Take Your Passion and Make It Happen thumbnail Take Your Passion and Make It Happen Flashdance Follow-up
What a Feeling thumbnail What a Feeling And It Is a Great Feeling
Calla's Desk thumbnail Calla's Desk From a Famous Dancer
Don Quixote thumbnail Don Quixote Then and Now
Songs Can Make the World Go Around... thumbnail Songs Can Make the World Go Around... Peacefully.
What a Wonderful World thumbnail What a Wonderful World You Think to Yourself....
Ode to Joy thumbnail Ode to Joy In the Midst of Pain
Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream thumbnail Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream The Disconnect Between Dreaming and Reality
Putin thumbnail Putin A Czar on a Fool's Errand
Joe Hill Died November 19, 1915 thumbnail Joe Hill Died November 19, 1915 "I Never Died," Says He.
Wolverton Mountain thumbnail Wolverton Mountain The Place Where Dreams Occur
Don McLean Teaching thumbnail Don McLean Teaching: Teach by Example
Protest Movements in Myanmar and the US... thumbnail Protest Movements in Myanmar and the US... We Shall Overcome!
Looking Back and Forward... thumbnail Looking Back and Forward... While Singing "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"
Lean on Me thumbnail Lean on Me An Open Letter to My Grandson