Hanging My Problem on My Lantern
Contacting Dr. Marchand

This is my fourth and final essay regarding what I learned from listening to Bobby Kennedy. He said that when attempting to deal with some issue that you can’t resolve on your own, “Hang a lantern on your problems.” A year ago, I wrote an essay entitled, The Magnificent Seven…My Dream Team. I want my dream team to return with me to Myanmar with 1250 laptops for the two schools where Ti Ti, Snow, and Fatty, my granddaughters, attend classes in Taunggyi, Myanmar.

Hanging my lantern on my problems went steroid.

I have written and talked about my first trip to Myanmar changing my life. Do you want proof? I happened to have had an appointment with my cardiologist, Dr. Marchand, for a routine checkup a couple of days after returning to the States from Myanmar. All was well with my heart.

Dr. Marchand

Nevertheless, I was haunted about why I was so wound-up and asked Dr. Marchand. Initially, he wrote it off as merely my endorphins. However, I pressed my question for more of an explanation. He realized that I needed more of an explanation. I was radically different than I was prior to going to Myanmar. He paused, looked directly into my eyes, and said, “You have seen the light.” While our eyes remained locked with each other, he paused, and said nothing more. Once he knew that I had gotten his message, he told me that he would see me in six months. I will never forget that office visit with Dr. Marchand.

Interestingly, exactly four years after Dr. Marchand’s seeing the light comment, I was in Dr. Marchand’s office for another routine checkup after again just returning from Myanmar. Since then, he retired and lives somewhere around Northwest Indiana. However, I can’t get in contact with him. This is where you enter the picture. I make the same deal that I have made with those that are able to contact Rod Stewart, Clarence Page, and Jacob Soboroff.

If you are the first to contact and tell him about returning with me to Myanmar during my winter break from teaching in less than eight months, I will prepare a dinner for you and your significant other. I mentioned in my previous essays that I learned from Rick’s chef while I worked there one summer. I remember also how Rick assisted his love of his life to escape Casablanca with Laszlo. I can identify with losing someone who I loved.

I watched this while taking a break from cooking.

I will also interview you for my website. Additionally, I will give you a large Himalayan Salt Lamp. If you are the first person to get Dr. Marchand to contact me, you will be rewarded for you efforts. Actually, he told me to contact him when I planned to return to Myanmar. You will get a delicious meal, I’ll do a great interview of you, you will receive a Himalayan Salt Lamp, and you will receive the best reward…the gratitude of 1250 students who will be able to use the Internet to further their educational experience.

Finally, at the end of my GoFundMe request of a half million dollars, I made three requests. I would also like you to consider all three of these items.

1. I am asking you to contribute to my dream of raising $500,000.

2. My next request is for you to send this link to your friends and ask them to send it to their friends…

3. My final request is to return with me to Myanmar during winter break in 2019…less than a year from now. You will see where your money is being sent. Additionally, you might discover a part of your family living in Myanmar. My discovery changed my life. It was my one moment in time, and it can be yours also.

I hope you are successful in getting Dr. Marchand to contact me. It will benefit 1250 students halfway around the world.